Celebrating our U13 Girls in 2021

Celebrating our Young Blood UNDER 13 GIRLS and their achievements in 2021.

Coach: Lyndy Jewell
Assistant Coach: Simon Gilson
Team Manager: Terry Gardiner
“What an incredible season! We need to take a look at the Awesome young ladies in our Under 13 Girls Team & be excited about our future as a club & a community.
Not only did they improve their skills week after week individually & as a Team unit, they also showed incredible maturity & strength in many ways.
Yes, they are strong. Yes, they had fun. They also were quick to rally around injured or upset mates to make them feel better showing levels of empathy beyond their years. They all were impacted by interruptions to Life by Covid & our ‘Mountain Cyclone’ yet came to training & got involved with their sport & community as much as they could, exhibiting a level of resilience that can’t be taught. Each of them utilised every opportunity to improve their skills with a willingness to learn, allowing us to see a desire for personal improvement that was exemplary.
To have a Team of Bright & Shiny individuals with such a broad age range (9-13) bond the way they did is definitely the highlight of this season for me.”
Lyndy Jewell, Coach