Celebrating our U9 Boys in 2021

Celebrating our UNDER 9 Young Bloods and their achievements in 2021

Coach: Ben Smith
Assistant Coach: Dave Larkin
Team Manager: Naomi Barber
A new U9s game format for 2021 gave our youngest chargers the chance to play under lights in the prime-time slot of Friday night.
“Perseverance and courage, teamwork, willingness to listen and bravery to try new things” is how Ben describes his players’ attributes.
“Game nights: The term game face really stood out, with players battling nerves, big crowds and the parents pre-game chats in the car.
In short there was a lot to take in!!
The pre-game huddles were taken very seriously, with conversations generally surrounding such topics as mouthguards, water bottles, weather, canteen and shoelaces.
It is no surprise many of the 9’s were put forward for selection with the men’s Senior team at numerous stages throughout the year!”
Ben Smith, Coach