Thank You Paddy!

Patrick Ford – A Milestone to be Acknowledged

A distinguished career of service to OFCJFC has seen Paddy Ford leave an indelible fingerprint on our club.

Paddy’s Club record 6 years of Presidency has been the epitome of hands-on. The military ethos of the General being the first on the battlefield and the last to leave has exemplified Paddy’s term as President. He is routinely at the ground at 7am for ground set-up on a Sunday and there for lock-up at 9pm!
Committee meetings, League meetings, phone calls from League, committee members, coaches and parents, Coach’s meetings, training sessions, game day… Paddy has lived and breathed OFCJFC 24/7 out of his love for this Club.

We sincerely thank you Paddy for your many years of exemplary service. A celebration of Paddy’s accomplishments at our Club will be held at the Olinda ground on Presentation Day in November.

Don’t think Paddy’s going anywhere! With three boys at the footy club, he will still be around and has been welcomed with open arms as a General Member of the 2022 committee.